the beginning

the time for this kind of music to emerge was probably somewhat between the seventies and the eighties. the grand masters composed their greatest pieces, flower power was about to decease and the era of modern computers just started opening new horizons.

quite a good time to come into being...

the machines

i would have been in the middle of nowhere but for the machines. as most people, i guess.

i depend on them (as most people?). some are so miraculous i could devote one of my kidneys if it was the only way to get money to get it. or do some other things that might be considered illegal... unless the one to judge ever suffered that kind of hunger only a creator can experience.

i hope such moment never comes ;)

anything else one should know to listen to what i create?.. ;)

more about machinesmachines_en.html

a word about imperfection

for those of you who have listened to some of my music it is clear, that there obviously are some imperfections. wonder why? why are they still there while they could have been easily removed and the whole thing polished, quantized... just made perfect?.. (and forget laziness for the moment)

easy to ask and ssoo difficult to answer. no philosophy needed here. i am imperfect. you are, too. perfection that we are used to (looking at photoshop based photos of unreal world?) is just unreal. reality is based on mistakes we commit, sins and imperfections. reality?..

click here (unless not interested)imperf_pl.html